What Flowers Are Used at Weddings?

If you’re planning a flower-filled wedding, you’ll want plenty of options available. Boutonnieres and corsages are two popular choices. The bride and groom may also want to use miniature bouquets of hydrangeas as centerpieces. But how do you find the right type of flower from a wedding florist in Dubai? Here’s some help:


There are many different styles of boutonnieres, which vary in style and meaning. Some boutonnieres are magnetic, and others are pins. A boutonniere with two pins is easier to apply and secure, while magnets can flip or fall off. Regardless of the style, a boutonniere with two pins holds a small floral statement firmly.


Women often wear corsages as wedding flower arrangements. These flowers are typically roses or carnations, both elegant and sophisticated. Carnations come in various colors, and the colors of the petals have different meanings. The red color represents love and passion, and the white is said to be a symbol of purity. Pink represents boldness, and yellow is a symbol of disdain.

Miniature bouquets:

A miniature bouquet is the most traditional way to wear flowers at a wedding. This is one of the most beautiful and unique flower arrangements you’ll see anywhere, and if you’re not a florist, you can make your own! Using dried flowers is a great option as the petals naturally fall out as they dry. Make sure to purchase flowers that aren’t too fragile because they may break if handled too roughly.


When it comes to bouquets, hydrangeas have an undeniable classic charm. Their rounded, full blooms have a preppy look, but recent trends have embraced them as a more modern flower. However, unlike other flowers, hydrangeas require a lot of water and can wilt quickly, so they are best used as centerpieces. Dutch hydrangeas are particularly hardy and have long, thick stems.


Dahlias are worn at weddings for various reasons, including their symbolism of commitment, elegance, and dignity. They are also popular for wedding décor, bridal bouquets, floral accessories, and even cakes!


Astrantias are often used as a filler flower in wedding arrangements. They look especially gorgeous when combined with roses and other high-quality flowers. The star-shaped flower is also known as masterwort. The long vase life and papery petals make them popular for wedding flower arrangements.